For many, the custom apparel experience has likely been underwhelming.  Whether it's getting your gear late, getting it done incorrectly, or getting it late and incorrect StickStar is trying to do it differently.  We are trying to educate the customer, break down the potential issues, ultimately putting everyone in a position to succeed.  Below we'll breakdown Frequently Asked Questions, and traps to steer clear from. 


When you chose your delivery date you need to plan in advance.  Give yourself plenty of lead time especially if you want your gear in the month of January.  

StickStar is the best at turning custom gear around quickly in the State of Texas.  We have turned around gear consistently in 4 weeks or less, but that is never what you should plan for.


Holiday Shipping is especially tough. Plan for several days around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years to not be work days.    


Locate and Submit Vector Art

Artwork Corrections

Finalized Details & Artwork

Collect Sizes & Numbers

Submit StickStar Form

Order Processing Period

Holiday & Shipping Days


We can Color Match, but it must be done out in advance.


Of course, we will do fill orders for our customers, but you should order a couple extra uniforms each year.  


If you do not have a Vector Logo, we will charge you to redraw / digitize it.  It takes time and they are valuable for you to have.


In all honesty we should be able to finalize artwork in less than 5 edits.  Think about if you were moving furniture and you're the person actually holding the furniture, not the person saying where it goes.  We design gear all the time, take our suggestions, we'll make you look very good!


Please understand fabrics will pick. The finer the fabric, the greater the likelihood it will pick. Here is a range of fabrics picking from most to least [Body Flex, Vapor, Tech Mesh, Pin Dot, Eyelet, Microsuede].